Bangladesh has enormous manpower to make Bangladesh leading manpower exporting countries of the world. Bangladesh is known for skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled work force sending country in the world. Though in small scale but gradually we are exporting increasing number of Doctor, Engineers, IT professional, Accounting & Finance persons etc. in different countries of the world. This talent migration will soon put our country in higher position. We have limitation in some areas but we are developing our nation with quality Education and effort for removing poverty.

Since the economic condition of Asia is rising, a huge demand of work force has been created in many countries. To meet their demand Bangladesh Workforce has been taken under consideration.


Global Recruiting Agency is trying to find out the right people from Bangladesh and placing them in foreign country in that vacant position. GRA  plans to satisfy the demand of these requirements as well as to contribute in the economic growth of the country by reducing unemployment and increasing foreign exchange of the country.